Trees are vital plants for both the environment and the property around a home or business. Large, healthy trees provide shade during those muggy summer days and they make the property look great. Unfortunately, trees can develop various diseases that affect their growth and the only way to deal with this problem is with expert tree service salem oregon. For instance, the tree service can prune away dead limbs or remove those unsightly branches. Pruning and trimming helps the health of the tree and improves the chances that it will live longer.

One type of tree service salem oregon is known as crowning. This service removes the top portion of the tree and is useful for restricting growth or the purposes of shaping the tree. A technique that is similar to crowning is topping the tree, but this is mostly used when it is time to cut the tree down. Breaking the job down into smaller pieces can make the task of tree removal much easier. However, care is always required when cutting down a tree because a single mistake could result in expensive damage to property or injury to any persons in the area.

There are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed, but a frequent one in the Salem area is storm damage. Lightning strikes may not immediately obliterate a tree, but they can do enough damage that it may never recover. The same is true for those really high winds. Strong storm winds can break limbs and fracture branches. If enough damage has occurred, then it is time to contact an expert in tree service salem oregon. Of course, some damage might be superficial, but its removal will require an experienced tree surgeon. Careful pruning can eliminate those damaged limbs and restore the basic health of the tree.

One problem that tree removal brings is the ugly stump that gets left behind. Unfortunately, removing this eyesore can be difficult. Even worse, some trees have long tap roots while others have roots that spread over large areas. It may be possible to get rid of certain stumps by digging them out of the ground if the property owner does not mind some back-breaking work. A more reasonable solution is to have an expert Tree Service grind that old stump away. Stump grinding tends to be quick because the wood is chipped away by very powerful equipment. In some instances, the technicians will only remove a portion of the stump. This is partly because tree stumps can be deep in the ground. Grinding six to twelve inches below ground level should be enough to level the lawn properly.